ŠKOLA ANIMIRANOG FILMA ČAKOVEC place for children film creativity


Within a big family of amateur children’s filmmaking in Croatia, one of the oldest members is SKOLA ANIMIRANOG FILMA from Cakovec (SAF).
With its specific organizational form (operating outside of the school structure), its working forms, its methods, and its unconventional communication between workshop leader and children, ŠAF anticipates a possible new modality of school education.

At the beginning of their work in SAF, children aged 8 to 12 years, in free creative play, make short animated exercises, while older members try to develop and create more complex animated films, using all kind of animation techniques. The purpose of the children’s activity in SAF is not the education of future professional animators, but development of their creativity and imagination, discovering the art of animation.
Because of the dedication of Edo Lukman, the founder of SAF, it has become a recognizable children’s cinema club nurturing animated film, popularizing professional animated films by engaging the world’s leading animators as their guests, organizing international animated film workshops in Cakovec, taking part in ASIFA’s projects, participating in prestigious world animated film festivals…

An average annual production is around five animated films in overall duration of around 12 minutes, so till today children at SAF realized near to 200 films.
The recognizability of SAF’s films is most often based on gags of different types, around which the children build the films and produce very rich animation. The children’s drawings are not changed or “polished up”, hence there is a great deal of variety, in which one can find some examples of children’s awkwardness, but nevertheless, some extraordinary artistic solutions as well.
SAF’s leaders (Edo Lukman and from 1998 Jasminka Bijelic Ljubic) are fully taking the ideas of kids into consideration and they are guiding them in their creative work pedagogically and tactfully without restraining their creativity.
SAF is simply a place where children receive complete aesthetic training and education in harmony with their interests and abilities.





Edo Lukman was born in Cakovec in 1949.
He founded and since 1975 continuously leads the Animated Film School in his hometown, the popular SAF. Young people recognize Edo and the School for taking care of animated film and artistic animation. Thanks to SAF, Cakovec visited many animators from all over the world, who presented their films and artworks, or participated in International animated film workshop.

Edo Lukman is a well-known author of different workshop models, and he realized around 150 workshops home and abroad (Austria, Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, USA…). He made the animated short “Job Well Done” for Zagreb-film 1989, the animated sequences for the feature “Floki, Don’t Give Up!” (2000), animated trailer for the Children Film Festival in Laon (France) and two animated films about problems of trafficking (2004).
He was a member of the jury at the Bourg en Bresse Festival (France) in 1992 and 1996, at Zagreb Animated Film Festival in 2002 and 2014, GOLD FISH Festival in Moscow 2003 and 2005, ROSHFD Film Festival in Iran (2003) and at Biennial of Animation in Bratislava 2016.

In 2014 he was awarded by the Republic of France for his contribution in development and promotion of the French culture – Chevalier dans l’ordre des Palmes Académiques, Cakovec city council give him live achievement award (2015, due to 40 years of SAF studio) and in 2018 he received live achievement award by ASIFA Croatia.
Member of ASIFA since 1982.

Jasminka Bijelić Ljubić was born in Cakovec in1974. She graduated at Faculty of organization and informatics in Varazdin in the field of application of informatics in film creativity.
Jasminka joined SAF in the year 1998, and since than she took part in all studio activities (films production, pedagogical work , presentations, festivals and workshops).

She participated in realization of several professional films as animator and since 1999. participate at animated film workshop inside Media School. Her free time occupation is photography and illustration.