The 25th International Animated Film Workshop was held in the premises of ŠAF, at the Center of Culture in Čakovec from June 24th to July 1st 2018.
Workshop leaders were Marie Juin from France and Tomáš Danay from Slovakia. The team of 12 children was made up of: children from Slovakia accompanied by Tomáš Danay, there were children from Zabok, Zagreb, Sveti Petar Orehovec near Križevci, Varaždin and also 8 members of the School of Animated Film.
The children were divided into 2 groups of their own choice, and worked with one of the workshop leaders. Tomáš Danay and his group worked on the transformation film in the plasticine technique. It was called „Evolution“ and each child made up part of the characters and backgrounds. Each child filmed their part on their own, under a digital camera, after which the leader digitally processed the animations and edited them. In addition to the classical animation of characters and objects, the animation of transformation was performed, whereby one character turnes into another, and the green screen technique, in which the characters were animated on a green screen and later in editing cut off from that green background and placed on the appropriate background. The credits were also made by the children. After the animation part was finished, they recorded the sound together and edited it.
The other group worked with Marie Juin. The technique used was a combination of collage, classically drawn animation and computer animation, and the movie itself called “Dreams”. Each child tried to recall a dream and then explain it trough speech and animation. The children themselves chose the technique they will use, and the transitions between the frames were made using green screen technology. This film too was made directly under a digital camera, but some frames were scanned. After that, the leader exported the frames and put them together. The children also recorded the sound, each of them told the contents of their dream in short sentences in English or in Croatian, and later in editing, sound was processed and added to the film.
On Friday, June 29, 2018, the children and leaders did not work, and they went on a day trip through Međimurje.
Closing ceremony of the workshop was hel on June 30th in the cinema of the Cultural Centre Cakovec. There were around 300 visitors and guests.Beside workshop movies there was a traditional presentation of the new SAF production, 35 minutes of the animation exercises and a few longer movies.

  • She studied in Paris and Tours (France).
    Later on she developed her experience working in various graphic and animation studies (
    Angouleme, Bruxelles, Albi, Paris, Georges Schwitzgebel’s studio…) where she improved her knowledge about puppet creation and animation as well as 2D animation.
    She has also worked on production, set design and experienced in various animation techniques, and
    voluntary participated in different project in the field of graphic and animation.

  • Njezina filmografija obuhvaća filmove za djecu JEDAN, DVA, DRVO , MOJA MAMA JE AVION, CAMILLA, MAJKA I GLAZBA, BUBA, BROD I MARELIC i ESKIMO za koje je primilila nagrade na petnaestak svjetskih festivala animiranih filmova, od čega desetak za najbolji film festivala.

  • Master of Arts Tomas Danay graduated at Academy of Animation and Academy of Performing Arts, field of Animation. During his studies he worked in post-production studio Blue Faces at various commercial spots from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden, America, Austria (CSOB, VUB, O2, Nike, Raiffeisen etc.) and several Hollywood feature movies like The Green Hornet, The Smurfs, The Black Gold and many more.

  • His graduate animation Mr. Carrot won the best animation prize at students film festival Acko 2013 and the second place at international students festival in Tel Aviv and id holder of creative prize Igric 2014. His animation Mr. Carrot was chosen as opening movie of the Bazant kinematograf 2014 that was hosted in many towns throughout Slovakia. It was also screened at many film festivals at home and abroad, in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Israel, Canada, France, Brasil, South Korea and Indonesia. He works in Bibiana, the house of art for children since 2010, where leads animation workshops for children. In 2013 he began working as a freelancer on various animated movies, graphic and photographic contracts. Nowadays he is preparing his own animated series. At the school he teaches computer animation and practice and informatics, namely Photoshop, Flash, After Effects and Maya.