This year an anniversary edition of International animated film workshop will be organized from June 24th to July 1st in premises of SAF studio and Cakovec Cultural center.
The workshop leaders will be two European
graphic artists and animators – Marie Claire Juin from France and Sarah Saidan from Great Britain (born in Iran). They will work with group of around 20 children from Bratislava (Slovakia) and several places in Croatia.
The invited children are chosen upon their knowledge and interest about animation.
Some of them already participated in animated workshop organized by SAF, or worked in children jury on some international film festival.
Together with workshop leaders, they will realize two short films, which will be shown at the last day of the workshop in Cakovec Cultural center.

  • She studied in Paris and Tours (France).
    Later on she developed her experience working in various graphic and animation studies (
    Angouleme, Bruxelles, Albi, Paris, Georges Schwitzgebel’s studio…) where she improved her knowledge about puppet creation and animation as well as 2D animation.
    She has also worked on production, set design and experienced in various animation techniques, and
    voluntary participated in different project in the field of graphic and animation.

  • Njezina filmografija obuhvaća filmove za djecu JEDAN, DVA, DRVO , MOJA MAMA JE AVION, CAMILLA, MAJKA I GLAZBA, BUBA, BROD I MARELIC i ESKIMO za koje je primilila nagrade na petnaestak svjetskih festivala animiranih filmova, od čega desetak za najbolji film festivala.

  • Sarah Saidan is Iranian animator who live and work in France. She graduated animation at Art academy in Tehran, than she continued her education at well known school La Poudrière in France (directing animated films).
    Her last film BEACH FLAGS was bought by Arte and Netflix and was shown at more than hundred festivals around world (including Sundance Festival and Clermont-Ferrand). The film received Amnesty International award on Giffoni Festival, Main jury award at Anima Festival in Cordoba (Argentina) and many others….

  • She realized following films and series:
    2018 “Annette Kellerman” – for serial “Brazen”
    2017 “Why should you read Virginia Woolf?”
    2016 “How to change protest into powerful change?”
    2015 “What are the Universal human Rights?”
    2013 “Beach Flags” Produced by Sacrebleu Productions and Folimage, France
    2011 “Quand le chat est là…” (graduate film), La Poudrière
    2010 “Un génie étranger”, La Poudrière
    2010 “Bouge”, La Poudrière
    2006 “Root”
    2004 “Fortune telling with coffee” (graduate film)