The 16th International Animated Film Workshop was held this year from June 21st to 28th, in premises of SAF studio and Cakovec Cultural Center.
The workshop was organized more or less in the same way like those in previous few years: two experienced and well known animators, Deanna Morse from USA and Nedeljko Dragic (Croatian animator who temporary live and work in Germany) worked with group of twenty children and young adults, explaining them different animation technique and “secrets” of animation.
Young participants came from different parts of Croatia and from Bratislava (Slovakia), and during a week, they realized two short animated films. Younger kids who worked with Deanna Morse created film named FAST SLOW / SLOW FAST, in which they combine few animation techniques: cut-out, drawings and pixilation.
The group which worked with Nedeljko Dragic realized film IT WILL BE BETTER (drawings on paper and computer), film consisted of several individual parts in which they mostly paid attention to timing.
This year we had also a couple of international quests who joined and observed activities in the workshop: Sarah Kalili, young animator from Iran, Annetta Zucchi from Ateliers Vagabond in France, Zuzana Homolova, a teacher who came with kids from Bratislava, Branka Radetic, teacher from Split (Croatia) and our dear friend Nicole Salomon from France.
Although weather was very bad through all the week, it couldn’t spoil excellent atmosphere among all workshop participants. Besides regular work in the workshop, they could see an exhibition of drawings from a film made for ANIMAFEST in Zagreb 2002 by Nedeljko Dragić and a theater play SMALL WIZARD, performed by Cakovec theater group Pinkleci. On Friday we all spent a pleasant day in village Strigova and St. Martin spa.
At the end, as always, films realized at the workshop were presented to Cakovec audience at special screening which was held in Cultural Center, together with short concert performed by Zuzana Homolova, who played a few slovakian folk songs, screening of new films of SAF studio and films of workshop leaders, Deanna Morse and Nedeljko Dragic.

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  • deanna morseDeanna Morse is an artist, educator, and a leader in international organizations supporting animators and independent film and video artists. She has produced more than thirty-five independent films and videos since 1970. Her diverse films have been aired on the children’s program Sesame Street and are represented in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

  • An award-winning retrospective DVD of her films, MOVE CLICK MOVE, is used in many schools to teach experimental animation. In the past three years, her work has been featured in one-person shows in Indonesia, Greece, Ukraine, China, France, Portugal, and group shows in Korea, Japan and the USA. Deanna’s current animation work explores ideas of place, nature, and seasonal change.
    Deanna is a Vice President of ASIFA International, the oldest international organization of animators. The goal of ASIFA is to promote cultural understanding through the art of animation.
    Deanna has been invited to judge dozens of national and international festivals and competitions. She is a regular speaker and presenter, and has authored many festival reviews and articles. She has been invited as an artist in residence, internationally, at dozens of schools. She is a professor of Communications at Grand Valley State University, Michigan, USA.

  • nedeljko dragicNedeljko Dragić was born in 1936 in Paklenica. He is illustrator, cartoonist, animator and director of animated films. He studied a law
    in Zagreb, but from year 1953 he started to draw caricatures, which he presented in three exhibitions in Croatia. He published a comic book entitled “Alphabet for Illiterates”.
    Since 1960 he started to work in Zagreb Film studio, where he realized following animated films: ELEGY (1965), TAMER OF WILD HORSES (1966), DIOGENES PERHAPS (1968), PER ASPERA AD ASTRA (1969), PASSING DAYS (1969), TUP-TUP (1972), DIARY (1974), THE DAY I STOPPED SMOKING (1982), PICTURES FROM MEMORIES (1989) and DOOR (1993).

  • His films were awarded on many festivals around the world (film TUP-TUP was nominated for Oscar) and in year 2002 he received a
    a live achievement award for his contribution in developing of animation art.
    Last twenty years he lives and works in Germany, but this year he’s returned to Zagreb Film, where he is planning to direct 365 short
    animated episodes as part of serial “Rudi’s Lexicon”.