20th International animated film workshop was held from 23rd to 30th June in premises of SAF studio and Cakovec Cultural center.

Twenty one children coming from several places in Croatia and one student from USA participated in workshop projects and with the help of José Miguel Ribeiro from Portugal and Sara Khalili from Iran, they realized two very nice animated films. The group which worked with Sara created four minutes long film in technique of drawings on paper and computer, named I AM WHO I AM, while José’s group did a cardboard puppet animation COFFEE BAR, in duration of two minutes. Both films were shown at the last day of the workshop, together with workshop leaders films and SAF studio new production.

The quests of this anniversary workshop were Nicole Salomon and Marina Feodoroff from France, Vera Robic Skarica from Croatian Film Club’s Association, Visnja Biti and Dusko Popovic, journalists from Zagreb, Margit Antauer, former director of ANIMAFEST , Miro Bronzic, Lucijana Pendo and Goran Kruno Kukolj, who took care about children during traveling and stay in Cakovec.

During a week of the workshop, in Cakovec Cultural center visitors and participants could see interesting documentary exhibition about twenty international workshop, prepared and set up by Petra Vidovic.

I AM WHO I AM coffee bar
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  • Born 1966 in Amadora (Portugal), he is an animator, director and illustrator. In 1992, he graduated from the Art University of Lisbon (ESBAL) with a degree in Plastic arts – Painting and he studied drawing and puppets animation in Lazenec-Bretagne/ Rennes and in Filmógrafo/ Porto in 1993/4.
    He directed different animated short films since 1995.

  • With the film THE SUSPECT he won numerous prizes including the Cartoon D’Or 2000. In 2007 he found with two friends the animation production company Sardinha em Lata. In the last few years he directed the short animated film JOURNEY TO CAPE VERDE based in his personal illustrated journal, developed a TV series project for children named DODU THE CARDBOARD BOY and is working in the 26’ live action and animation film CHRISTMAS WRAPPING PAPER . Simultaneously, he illustrates children’s picture books and he teaches animation in Portugal and abroad.

  • sara khaliliSarah Khalili was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1978. She studied the graphics at the University of Tehran (B.A., 1996-2000) and later the animation at the Art University in Tehran (M.A., 2001-2004). In her student years she was awarded several times: as a “Top student of the year (2005), ranked 1st among 50000 students in M.A. university entrance examination, etc., “Best Dissertation of the Year…” among M.A. and PhD students (2005).

  • Her career includes: directing of animated movies, writing and translating papers and books about animation, animation workshops for children and youth and researching and instructing at Art University of Tehran (Department of Animation and Media, 2005 – ). Also, she’s a scriptwriter of the animation TV series (2007 up to now).
    She is a continuous member of ASIFA Iran (from 2004 ) and it’s member of the directory board (for 2 years).
    Sarah’s filmography includes 7 movies:
    PARAGRAPH, 2001
    HANDS, 2003
    EXECUTION, 2003
    HARMONY, 2003
    PAINTING, 2003
    MOMENT, 2004
    WHEN THE TREE…, 2011