21st international animated film workshop was held from  June  the 22 nd till June the 29 th. Guests were from USA (John Morisson, Jennifer Potter, Sarah Klein, David Kwan, Natalie Potter, Ta’Naejah Reed), Slovakia, Poland, Sweden, Krapinske Toplice, Zaprešić, Zlatar, Zagreb, Oroslavje, Belica and Čakovec. In a short visit we had H.E. Michèle Boccoz, the ambasador of the French Republic in Zagreb and her husband as well as the mayor of Cakovec Stjepan Kovač and county mayor of Medjimurje Matija Posavec.
Pixilation and stop-motion workshop was lead by Boris Šima and Joanna Kozuch from Slovakia and Poland. Children learn how to bring the objects alive  and how to animate the people to behave like puppets by the technique of pixilation. They were divided in groups and made 4 storyboards with scenes which were  shoot by the help of the leaders. Children drew, made objects from the paper and prepared the  objects. Four short movies were made: “Luda matura”, “Recikliranje”, “Na pučini” and “Gool!”. Animations were shot in unfinished new SAF space  and the  Zrinski’ Park. Children were taking care of by a teacher from Zlatar, Nevenka Susljek.
In a little bit different atmosphere, children had a chance to work with experienced producer and musician from Sweden, Uzi Geffenblad. They explored the secrets of the cut-out animation. Although it seamed like everybody knows everything about it, the leader showed on the simple examples how many possibilities are in this “flat” and from the first sight limited technique. Children made a three minute movie named “Thinking”.
Beside this regular program of workshops,  on June 26 th John Morisson,guest from San Francisco had a lecture about film critics for young people. Mr. Morisson enternained the audience with his remarkable history, showed parts of his favourite movies and discovered small tricks about writing good film critic.
Friday was reserved for an excursion, on the river Mura and  St. Martin spa.
Films from the workshop, as well as the films from this year leaders (“Catch him!”, “Apricots”) were shown at the closing ceremony which was held on June  28 th in the Cultural Centre cinema. Mr. John Morisson was awarded by SAF for the ten years of cooperation and promotion of Cakovec, it’s children’s creativitiy and SAF in the United States.
Through the whole 21 st IFR there was an exibition of  Boris Šima with the exerpts from his movie “Catch him!”. The exibition will be put on again from 11 th of  August and stays on till September.

Borna Benčić, Uzi Geffenblad and Jurja Jakobifr14_05ifr14_06

  • uzi11Uzi is a musician, composer, screenwriter, director and producer.
    He also has been studying Psychology and Children’s Culture at the Stockholm University.
    In the early 80’s he worked as a classical French horn player in orchestras and theaters. Since 1988 he is working with films and since 1991 mainly with animation. Uzi has also worked as a sound engineer in film and radio productions.

  • From 1998-2001 Uzi was elected as Chairman of FFAF (The Swedish Association for Animated Films).
    He’s occasionally lecturing about screenplay, sound and production of animation in various schools in Sweden.
    Uzi has been mainly collaborating with Lotta Geffenblad but has also been working with other filmmakers. To mention a few – as a producer and editor on WHEN WE DIE, by Håkan Wennström and THE CAKE by Pia Holmqvist, and as a producer and sound engineer on the animated documentary RADICALIZED by Klara Swantesson.
    Together with Lotta he’s directed the 46 minutes cut-out film AMONG THE THORNS the short animations APRICOTS, ASTON’S STONES & ASTON’S PRESENTS and the current stop-motion series about SPOT AND SPLODGE.

  • joanna kozuchBorn 25. 05. 1977 in Maków Podhalański, Poland.
    Director, designer and animator. Joanna studied at Fine Arts Academy in Poznan (PL) and University of Silesia in Katowice (PL), later finished her PhD. studies at Film and TV Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (SK).

  • As an artist Kozuch participated on several exhibitions and co-operated on animation shorts productions (The Last Bus, dir. M. Snopek, I. Laučíková; Stones, dir. K. Kerekesová). Nowadays, she is working on a new short film 39 weeks, 6 days with Boris Šima. She’s also developing an animated documentary Once There Was a Sea… Since 2004, she lives and works in Slovakia.
    FONGOPOLIS (2014.)
    GAME (2004. – student film)

  • boris simaBorn 1977 in Nitra, Slovakia.
    From 1996 to 1998 studied animated film at the Film School in Zlin (Czech Republic), and from 1998 to 2003 at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (VŠMU) in Bratislava, at the Department of Animated Film.

  • Films:
    Jingle of the Film Festival for Children
       and Youth in Plzeň
    Today is my first date (2002)
    Catch him! (2008)
    Hurá na hrad! (Off to the castle!) (2011)