22nd International Animated Film Workshop was held from 21st June until 28th June. There were 22 children participating from all over the world: Romania, USA, UK and Croatia (Zaprešić, Koprivnica, Belica, Čakovec). Leaders for this workshop were Emma Calder (UK) and Zsuzsanna Szabó (Hungary). Guests of this workshop were John Morrison and Grace Angel (USA), Ramona Ciurean and Livio Hosu (Romania) and Karmen Bardek (Koprivnica, Croatia).
During the workshop participants were separated in two groups, however, they were cooperative, connected and worked together. To break the ice on Monday morning, the leaders introduced pixilation technique to participants. Everyone went outside to the Old Castle Zrinski and had some fun and introduction into pixilation. After such a funny morning, everyone went back to ŠAF studio to do some serious brainstorming and planning. Each one of the participants picked two papers out of a hat and got a theme to work on. Children were free to work in any technique, but most of them decided to do drawing animation or stop motion collage. There were many interesting combinations as well as characters: blue ostriches, laughing spiders, bearded radios and party babies. Since the whole story actually started from a hat, the workshop project was named “Films from a Hat”. Its concept were short animations following each other.
On Tuesday, after whole day in a studio, workshop leader Emma Calder introduced her exhibition in Cultural Centre Čakovec. As a successful illustrator and animator, she presented some of her best works, as well as some of her movies including “The Queen’s Monastery” and “Madam Potatoe”. She shared some anecdotes about her work and inspiration. Visitors were most surprised with potato print technique, which she used for above mentioned movie “Madame Potatoe”.
After strictly working atmosphere on Wednesday, Thursday was meant to be a cinema day. After whole day working, participants and other visitors had a chance to see this year’s Animafest winner in feature film category: “The Boy and the World”. With its colourful technique and dynamic story without spoken language it delighted all viewers, young and old, gathered in Cultural Center projection hall.
Friday is already a traditional picnic day. After visiting old Watermill on Mura river and taking a short walk, there comes the best: swimming in Spa & Sport Resort Sveti Martin.
Saturday morning was reserved for editing and finalizing the workshop project. Afternoon programme in Cultural Center projection hall was also a celebration of ŠAF’s 40th birthday. On this occasion there were some of the older ŠAF movies shown: “Baby”, “Ballad of Lady and Cloud” and “Ziks, Ziks”. After that, it was time for this year’s workshop projection: “Films from a Hat”. All participants received diplomas which were handed by workshop leaders. Programme ended with this year’s rich ŠAF production.


  • Emma CalderEmma Calder was born in London. She studied Graphic design at The Royal College of Art. She has worked as an Animation Director, Artist, Graphic Designer and Lecturer and has written, designed and illustrated books, for both adults and children.

  • Zsuzsanna SzabóZsuzsanna was born in 1970 in Budapest, Hungary. 
    She started to make animated films as an amateur filmmaker in her teenage years.
    In 1990 she attended a professional course in cartoon animation and worked as in-betweener at the Pannónia Filmstudio. She studied Animation and Teaching Art and Visual Communication at the Hungarian Academy of Crafts and Design (today: Moholy-Nagy Art Academy) in Budapest, spending a few semesters as a guest student at Volda College, Norway and at Akademie Minerva in Groningen, the Netherlands.